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If Weight Loss is a Struggle, We Have the Answer

Our founder, Mike MacKinnon, was always overweight.  Ridiculed and teased as a child, he went on his first diet at age 9.  This began a cycle of weight gain/weight loss/weight regain that would continue until he was 36 years old.

Mike, April 2001, 255 lbs

Mike, April 2015, 185 lbs
Mike After Image

In 2003, he discovered a solution that worked.  After a lifelong fight to permanently be rid of the excess pounds, finally, he had the answer.  He knew that he never again had to regain his weight, and today – some 15 years later – he never has.  He has discovered the secret to permanent weight loss.

Is that your problem?  You can lose weight, sure, usually with the latest diet trend.  But it doesn’t seem to stick?  If so, it’s not your fault.  You’ve most likely been given wrong information about how to succeed at the game of losing weight.  Because of that incorrect information, you’ve been approaching it wrong.

As of 2017, over 64% of Canadians are either overweight, or obese.  In the United States the problem is worse: it’s over 70%.  Without getting in to how the food industry is basically engineering our food in a way that exacerbates the problem, we can say that the battle of the bulge is being lost.  And it’s being lost due to incorrect – or at least incomplete – information.

Overweight and Obesity is not just a single problem.  The reason why you’re overweight, may be different from why I was overweight, or from why someone else you know is overweight.  Most of those in the weight loss industry (Nutritionists, Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Weight Loss Coaches, Doctors, etc.) aren’t aware of this fact.  Most of them (almost all, actually) consider the answer to be simply eating healthier and exercising more.  Whereas for some this may be true, for most it isn’t.

Obesity/overweight is one of 4 potential problems, and your particular problem needs to be diagnosed prior to anything else.  If you aren’t properly diagnosed, then you risk being handed the wrong prescription to solve your problem.  Your Trainer/Dietitian/Nutritionist/Doctor/Weight Loss Coach needs to first understand what your problem is.  That way, they can offer you the correct solution.

The analogy is this.  4 people show up at the doctor’s office.  One has diabetes, another has cancer, still another has a sinus infection, and another has a migraine.  Could you imagine what would happen if the doctor misdiagnosed each, and gave the person with diabetes morphine, gave the migraine sufferer insulin, gave the cancer patient an antibiotic, and gave the person with the sinus infection chemotherapy?  The result would be a disaster, right?

Well, the problem of excess pounds can only be solved if we understand the nature of the problem first.  What is causing the overweight/obesity?  How can we test to find out what the root cause is?

Many (most?) other professionals aren’t equipped to do this, however we are.  We can figure out exactly why you’re overweight.  With that information, we can prescribe the right solution, a solution that will work, guaranteed.

In fact, we’re so confident that it will work, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.  It’s simple: do exactly what we tell you, and if you see no results in 90 days, we will cheerfully refund your money.

So why not give us a call today.  Fill out the form at www.fitin20.ca/contact, or call/text us at 647-677-6025 for your free consultation and assessment today!  You can also e-mail us directly at mike@fitin20.ca.

The consultation is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose, except the weight!

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