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Which describes you?

1. You’ve struggled with weight most or all of your life, have tried every diet under the sun, and haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off.
2. In your younger days you were thin, but you’ve struggled for a few years now, maybe even a couple or three decades, and the weight just keeps coming on.
3. Something has changed over the past year or so, and you just can’t seem to stop gaining weight; or
4. You’re actually eating 100% right and exercising, but the weight is not coming off.

We can help. Our founder, Mike, Fitness trainer Mississauga, Toronto, GTA knows what it’s like to fight the “battle of the bulge.” Until he was 34 years old, he lived his life being overweight, reaching a whopping 95 lbs of excess body fat in 2001:

Mike, Age 34, 45% Bodyfat, 255 lbs

Mike, Age 47, 8% Bodyfat, 185 lbs

We’ve been in the business of helping people lose weight and keep it off for over 12 years now, and we’ve had a lot of success. Mike’s program, Where Winners Lose & Losers Win: Your PERMANENT weight loss solution will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about permanent weight loss. You’ll learn how to lose your weight, and keep it off, FOREVER.

We’re so certain that you’ll succeed that, if after 90 days you have applied all of the tools of the program and you are not experiencing any results, WE WILL CHEERFULLY REFUND THE ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PROGRAM.

Your results are guaranteed, so you’ve really got nothing to lose, except the weight.

Mike also offers customized weight loss programs , individual 1-on-1 coaching and Personal trainer in Mississauga  in both strength training and nutrition coaching. Our approach isn’t one-size-fits all: we can build one just for you, and it’ll work, guaranteed.

Fit In 20 is an exclusive Personal training in Mississauga guided by Mike MacKinnon, setting new era for growing and outstanding physical transformations. See here for some of his blogs. For all those who are trying to figure out an effective way to have a nice sculpted body, look for Personal training Mississauga, contact Mike. You need not have to hit the gym to have a great body. He is easily available as you Fitness trainer Mississauga. You can follow Mississauga personal trainer YouTube to learn more about the instructions and workout procedures.

Why you need a professional Personal trainer in Mississauga?

In order to stay healthy and fit, you need to exercise and follow a proper diet plan. I do, but what about you? There are people I know who complain all the time of getting fatter by the day. They look for options that would make them stay in shape while being healthy and fit. They have a strong dislike to hit the gym and lift those bigger pounds. They want definition but without lifting the weights. They even find it difficult to manage time from their super-busy schedules. Well, I know most of us love making excuses to get rid of the hard way. But it’s the hard way that would help you in achieving the goal of staying fit and healthy while being in the perfect shape. Here you need a Personal training Mississauga.

You can work every single muscle of your body viewing these videos. However, you must ensure that the form is properly maintained and here you need Mike as your Personal trainer in Mississauga. Follow these workout videos on social channels and fitin20 website to learn about the procedures and proper breathing techniques.

So if you’ve tried everything else, try Fit in 20, and lose the weight FOR GOOD!

Contact Info: 647-677-6025   fitin20@yahoo.com

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