Mike MacKinnon is a certified personal trainer with the Certified Professional Trainer’s Network, and has been since 2006. Currently he is working towards the prestigious “Precision Nutrition 1” certification with Dr. John Berardi, as well as a certification with strength coach and author Karsten Jensen in Karsten’s “Flexible Periodization Method.” Mike is certified as well with Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, in his “Upper Body Muscle Testing” and “Lower Body Muscle Testing” protocols.

Mike is an avid believer in continuing education, constantly attending seminars and symposia in order to increase his knowledge base. In 2015 alone Mike attended the following seminars and events:

1. Progressive Olympic Lifting, Karsten Jensen; Jan. 17-18
2. How to Double the Effectiveness of Your Bodyweight Training, Karsten Jensen; Feb. 15
3. Periodization of High Intensity Interval Training, Karsten Jensen; Mar. 14
4. Beyond Functional Training: Periodization of Exercise Selection, Karsten Jensen; May 9
5. Painful Backs Through the Lifecycle, Dr. Stuart McGill; June 4
6. 2015 CPTN Conference: “Dare to be Excellent!”; June 6
7. The 2nd Annual Conference on Food Addiction, UMass, Worcester, MA; Oct. 16-17
8. SWIS (Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists) Symposium, Mississauga, ON; Nov. 13-14

In 2001 Mike was 95 lbs overweight. In 2003 he was 85 lbs overweight. His efforts at weight loss had only netted him a loss of 10 lbs in 2 years, proving Dr. John Berardi right: without adequate coaching, rarely – if ever – does substantial weight loss occur.

Mike hired a coach who set him on the path he’s on today. He learned not only about healthy eating, but about the disciplines necessary to maintain permanent weight loss. Today, he maintains a muscular frame at between 8% and 12% bodyfat.

Mike is also a competitive powerlifter, having posted lifts of 407 lbs in the deadlift, 346.5 lbs in the squat and 269.5 in the bench press, for a total of 1,023 lbs lifted, putting him in the coveted “1,000 lbs club!”  Not to shabby for a guy who was approaching 50 at the time!

Backed by the latest in Science, honed over years of experience and filtered through Mike’s successful coaching system, the program works. Mike’s passion is helping those people who struggle to lose weight, but just can’t seem to, because until age 36, he was that person. He gets it and he knows how to help you get to your goals. He has a solution that works.


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