Faith, Belief & Trust

faith vs trust youtube video

Faith, Belief & Trust Trust Carefully! “Never, ever, EVER ‘trust’ anyone!”  This was a lesson given me by a trusted mentor of mine, probably about 10 years ago.  When she…

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What is Success?

What is Success? “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightingale I like this definition. Want to know why? Because it says nothing about money. I’m…

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Fear   Last week I blogged concerning a big decision I had to make. The first obstacle to overcome, I had said, was that of belief: what did I believe…

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Let Go!!!

Let Go!!!   I’m struggling with something right now. Yup, even the coach struggles sometimes. That’s why I have teachers and mentors who I go to in order to discuss…

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Living a Life of Abundance

In my life I’ve had many friends approach me to get involved in various business opportunities. In every case where their goal was to become rich, they did not succeed….

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