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“No Pain, No Gain”

The Law of Intention, vs. the Law of Attraction I have a love/hate relationship with the slogan “No Pain, No Gain.” I’ll tell you why. A few days ago, on…

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What do You Really Hunger For?

Last week we talked about SAD: “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” This is a form of depression that researchers believe is induced by the lack of exposure to light in the winter…

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How Firm are Your Boundaries?

You may have heard a term used: “Codependency”. Codependency is a hard thing to define, but it essentially means that I am too invested in another person, place or thing….

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Emotional: On My Sleeve

Fit in 20: Emotional Serenity

The biggest personal challenge I face continually is maintaining a healthy self-image. After sharing my thoughts with one of my mentors last week, I was challenged to look at what…

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