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Negative Thinking and Depression #2: Dealing with Persistent Negative Self-Talk

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? Depression 6 The Big 3 “A discussion of the cognitive distortion of All-or-Nothing Thinking.”   Negative Self-Talk: The Poison Within I care greatly about reducing depression and anxiety for…

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Depression: The Silent Killer

? Depression Intro “Struggling with Depression? Let me share with you what I do in order to overcome mine..” The Reality of Depression It’s been many months since I’ve blogged,…

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Personal trainer Toronto

BOUNDARIES & WEIGHT LOSS  “I’m a People-Pleaser” One of the biggest barriers to successful weight loss has to do with not being able to speak up and tell others what…

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Liquid Weight Gainer My name is Mike MacKinnon, and I’m a strength and nutrition coach working out of Mississauga, Ontario.  I do personal training, and write strength training programs and…

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Faith, Belief & Trust

faith vs trust youtube video

Faith, Belief & Trust Trust Carefully! “Never, ever, EVER ‘trust’ anyone!”  This was a lesson given me by a trusted mentor of mine, probably about 10 years ago.  When she…

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Living a Life of Abundance

In my life I’ve had many friends approach me to get involved in various business opportunities. In every case where their goal was to become rich, they did not succeed….

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Change Ain’t Easy

I’m in the business of helping people change. This can be a tough business to be in, because people don’t like change. They want to lose weight, but when they…

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