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A Workout for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Work Out

TRX Basic 5 Minute Routine

 TRX Basic 5 Minute Routine A Workout for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Work Out You Need to Work Out I don’t think I need to convince anyone…

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Do You Know How to Pat Yourself on the Back?

Discounting the positives

 Discounting the Positives Do you tend to only see the”bad” things you do? Are you unable to see the positive contributions you make to society? You may be engaging…

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Are Your Thoughts Generally Positive, or Negative?

Depression 10 Mental Filter

 Depression 10 Mental Filter Why we tend to filter out the positives in a situation and focus on the negatives. Also how to combat this tendency. Pessimism as a…

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Depression Series 8 Labelling

 Depression Series 8 Labelling How to effectively deal with the cognitive distortion of labelling   Do you “Do You Call Yourself Nasty Names?” “We are our own worst critics.”…

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It’s Gonna Be Baaaaaaaad…

How to deal with the Cognitive Distortion of "Jumping to Conclusions"

 Depression 7 Jumping to Conclusions How to deal with the Cognitive Distortion of “Jumping to Conclusions”   Do you “Jump to Conclusions?” I’ve been guilty of “Jumping to Conclusions”…

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Negative Thinking and Depression #2: Dealing with Persistent Negative Self-Talk

Depression 6 The big 3 Image- 28-2-18

 Depression 6 The Big 3 “A discussion of the cognitive distortion of All-or-Nothing Thinking.”   Negative Self-Talk: The Poison Within I care greatly about reducing depression and anxiety for…

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Depression : A Thinking Problem

Depression : A Thinking Problem

? Depression as a Thinking Problem “How we can treat depression by changing our thinking”   How Thoughts Affect Our Mood When we’re thinking unhappy thoughts, we will be unhappy….

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The Chemical Basis of Depression

Chemical Basis of Depression2

? The Chemical Basis of Depression “A brief discussion of why we become depressed, from a brain chemistry standpoint.” How Brain Chemistry Affects Mood Make no mistake, whether you use…

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How do you know if you’re depressed? Instalment #3

? Depression #3 “How do you know if you’re depressed?” My Journey With Depression: Instalment #3 Are You Depressed? When I have medical questions, I often check in with Dr….

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MODA PILLAR #3: Be Fearless

Be Fearless - Fitness trainer Mississauga

  Be Fearless Today is the third blog in a series on Tony Vassallo’s “9 Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss.” Tony is the creator of MODA nutrition, offering weight loss…

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