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Negative Thinking and Depression #2: Dealing with Persistent Negative Self-Talk

Depression 6 The big 3 Image- 28-2-18

? Depression 6 The Big 3 “A discussion of the cognitive distortion of All-or-Nothing Thinking.”   Negative Self-Talk: The Poison Within I care greatly about reducing depression and anxiety for…

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The Chemical Basis of Depression

Chemical Basis of Depression2

? The Chemical Basis of Depression “A brief discussion of why we become depressed, from a brain chemistry standpoint.” How Brain Chemistry Affects Mood Make no mistake, whether you use…

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Depression: The Silent Killer

? Depression Intro “Struggling with Depression? Let me share with you what I do in order to overcome mine..” The Reality of Depression It’s been many months since I’ve blogged,…

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Liquid Weight Gainer My name is Mike MacKinnon, and I’m a strength and nutrition coach working out of Mississauga, Ontario.  I do personal training, and write strength training programs and…

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