Online Personal Trainer

As an ordained Spiritualist minister, Mike has been interested in helping people become the best they can be since the 1990s.

Originally a graduate of McMaster University, B.Comm. Hons., 1991, he has worked in Newspapers, Retail, Forest Products, and the Pet Supply Industry.  He has also pastored in several churches, learning that, whereas he liked helping people, he didn’t like to have to include religion in that.

Formally trained at McMaster Divinity College, and receiving a M.Div. in 2000, Mike has both the training and experience to coach people through challenging times in their life.  Being himself a recovered alcoholic of over 23 years, he has learned many protocols first-hand that are helpful to navigating through difficult circumstances.

While he doesn’t offer psychotherapeutic services, he does offer help in the form of coaching.  Psychotherapy includes “analysis,” meaning helping the client dissect their thoughts to discover the neuroses (and potential psychoses) that might hold them back.  Coaching does not get involved in this.

A coach’s job is to help the client discover new ways to think about a problem, to offer potential solutions to consider, and to be a cheerleader when that’s what they client needs.  Coaching is designed to give the client a partner with whom they can walk through their issue(s), someone who can both listen, and who can make suggestions.

Mike has helped dozens of clients work through tough issues in their lives, and he’d love to work with you.  If you have an issue you’ve been struggling with, why not consider reaching out to Mike?  You may just find the answer you’ve been looking for.

Feel free to fill out the form at, and Mike will get back to you ASAP.  Alternately you can call/text him at his confidential #: 647-677-6025.  You can also e-mail him at his confidential e-mail,

The initial consultation is free, and may just discover the answer you’re looking for!