Last week I blogged concerning a big decision I had to make. The first obstacle to overcome, I had said, was that of belief: what did I believe the Universe had in store for me if I was to step out in faith? Would things work out? Or would I end up worse off than before?

The conclusion I came to was that the Universe had my best interests at heart, just as it has yours. So I took the leap of faith, and we’ll wait and see what happens. I am trusting that I’ll be taken care of, and that the day will come when I see that it all worked out as it was meant to. On that day, I will then have faith that the Universe has my back.

Right now, I’m “acting as if” it does. But if truth be told, I’m actually not worried. Today I honestly believe things are going to be great!

Fear, the Dream-Killer

The decision I had to make was something I had been mulling over for over a year! Sometimes it takes that long in order to work through a thing. Sometimes it might take longer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just as long as we’re working through it.

But fear is the thing that can stop us cold in our tracks. Fear that we’re either not going to get something we want, or that we’ll get something we don’t want. Those are really the only two things I’m ever afraid of. But those fears can be so strong that they derail my growth.

I may miss an opportunity that could have changed my life for the better, all because I couldn’t – or wouldn’t – believe that the Universe wants what’s best for me. Acting on the belief that I won’t be taken care of, I might choose what I think is good, but later discover that it was at the expense of something better.

Fear can literally kill dreams. And wouldn’t it be a shame to be on my deathbed, kicking myself for not having tried to achieve my dream? No, I decided last week that wasn’t going to be me.

Your Fears Are False

I’ve heard of fear being described by an acrostic:


The very thing I fear is really a boogeyman. It’s not real. It hasn’t come to pass yet, because its possibility lies only in the future, and THE FUTURE DOES NOT EXIST. The future is merely a mental construct we use so that we can plan for tomorrow, but all that actually exists, only exists in the here-and-now, in the present. Today, folks, is all we’ve really got.

If I’m focusing on the present, then I have no regret over the past, and no anxiety about the future. My job is to focus on what I can do NOW in order to create for myself the life the Universe wants me to have. To move forward, I need a new acrostic to live by:

Realize my potential

How about you? What are you doing to face your fears? Which acrostic are you living by?

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Years ago I read a book with this title. The premise was as the title suggested: don’t let your fears get in the way of realizing your goals and dreams. Do it anyway, even if you’re scared to death.

How do I know it’s time to take action, even in the midst of incredible fear? The Universe lets me know.

There’s usually a still, small voice inside me that nags at me, and won’t let me alone until I take action.

There are usually signs, like friends, or people I don’t even know, telling me that I ought to do this or that thing (things that are, coincidentally enough, in line with what I’m afraid of doing).

There’s usually a sense, deep within, that I’m not going to find true happiness and contentment until I let the old way of life go, and grab on to a new one.

I know what I need to do. I always do. I just sometimes try to find excuses to avoid it, when the future’s uncertain.

What Will You Do?

So how about you? What’s your big fear? What are you not doing because of fear? What’s that thing that you know deep down the Universe wants you to do, but you’re too scared?
Are you really going to let it get in the way of you becoming the very best you can be?


If so, why would you do that?