Help From Beyond

Who Believes What, and So What?

Most people believe in some sort of “higher power.” By any survey this is seen repeatedly to be true: only between 2% and 13% of people surveyed internationally report that they are true atheists (meaning they are convinced there is no higher power of any kind). When asked if they believe in “God or a universal spirit” in the Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study, 89% of U.S. adults said yes.

So what does a personal trainer in Mississauga care about who believes what when it comes to a higher power? Well, more than you might think.

That’s because my experience shows that about 90% of the people who come to me for help believe in some sort of higher power. Furthermore, they want to integrate that belief in to their weight loss program. They don’t say this directly usually, rather they just openly talk about “God” (usually) as we discuss the many issues around losing excess body fat.

Furthermore, I think it’s important that the person trying to lose weight believes in something other than themselves. There’s a simple reason for this: their own ideas have failed them thus far in losing weight. It stands to reason, then, that in order to get to where they need to be, they have to rely on someone and/or something OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES if they’re going to learn the skills they need to succeed.

Let me be clear here: I AM NOT saying you should believe in God. I do – and I don’t apologize for it – but you can be an atheist and still believe in a higher power. It just has to be something, other than you, that can solve a problem that you – thus far – haven’t been able to solve.

But I Don’t Believe in God & Don’t Want to!

Cool! That’s fine. If you work with me, you’ll never hear me say that you have to believe in God. But I will encourage you to look for something outside of yourself for help. At first that might just be me, my program, my food plan, etc. In a sense I then become your “higher power” of sorts, which is fine…for a while.

But eventually that will have to morph to something else greater than me, because I’m human and make mistakes. I don’t make many when it comes to helping people lose weight, but you may need to talk to me some time and I’m not available, and you find yourself upset or resentful about that. You’ll need something more than me.

Maybe that’s a support group of some kind? I’m pondering starting just such a thing for people who are involved in my weight loss programs. This group alone could act like a “higher power,” based on the theory that what we struggle to do alone, we can more easily do together.

The bottom line is, I need to be open to stopping being in the driver’s seat, and open myself up to help that comes from outside of me. When I do this, I’ll open yourself up to new ideas that can help me, and change for the positive is much more likely.

Of course, if I choose to believe in a “God” or “Universal Spirit” of some sort, then I can always turn to that entity and ask for help. There is something comforting about this for many people, thinking that they have an all-powerful Being in their corner willing to help them through the hard times.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, but I recommend you choose to believe in something other than yourself going forward. After all, believing in just yourself – as it pertains to weight loss – hasn’t worked to this point, has it?

Change Comes With a Firm Decision

Once you’ve decided what it is that you’re going to believe in, you need to make a decision to turn your thinking and your actions over to your new “higher power.” If it’s a weight loss coach, or a diet, or a philosophy, etc., this means you just choose to accept and follow whatever he/she/it tells you to do.

Incidentally, I’m a weight loss and nutrition coach who serves the GTA and beyond: I can help you with this, if this is what you’re looking for specifically.

When you make a decision to do this, you then move in to the success zone. All successful people have had mentors to whom they listened. They were all given advice, and they acted on that advice, choosing to believe that what they were being told would work.

Choose Wisely

So choose your teachers/mentors/higher powers wisely, but once you’ve chosen one (or more?) you think you can have faith in, do what they tell you to. You chose them for a reason, because you thought they could help you. Act on that choice, listen to them, and get to work doing what they tell you to do!

If you need any help in choosing the right person to help you, I’d be happy to speak with you. It might be me, but also it might not. I’ll honestly tell you what I think when we speak, and if I don’t think I can help you, I’ll be straight up about it, and I’ll point you in the direction I think you need to go.

The decision you make as to who your higher power(s) will be is crucial, not just for weight loss, but for your overall health, happiness and well-being. I’d like to help you through that process: call/text at 647-677-6025, or e-mail me at, and we can start the conversation.
Until then, be well.