I’m Not Where I Want to Be

I’m Not Where I Want to Be


Is This All There Is?

We’ve all heard about the proverbial “mid-life crisis.” It seems that we get to a certain point in our lives where we take an honest look at what we’ve done. We’ve worked so hard, foregone much to get where we are today, and yet what have we gotten from it?

Oh, sure, we might have a few material goods, but is that all there is to it? Have I been working this hard just for that? Kind of a scary thought for many of us, because over half of our life has passed, and what have we really accomplished?

I’m a personal trainer in Mississauga, Ontario. I do weight training, write nutrition and exercise programs, and help people to lose weight and get in to shape. But sometimes I wonder if my writing fitness training programs in Mississauga is the fullness of my mission, what I’m really supposed to be doing?

Life Isn’t About Stuff

I grew up a privileged – and only – child. My parents always had money. But I can tell you that, even with a place in Florida to escape to in the wintertime, and plenty of money to do things with, we struggled with the same things everyone else did (and does).

It’s really true: money can’t buy happiness.

I’ve come to believe that we are each here for a purpose. We are each meant to contribute to our world in some special way that may not be apparent to us presently. It may be slowly being revealed, over time, and I just need to keep myself open to it.

For some of us who are lucky enough, we get to contribute the way we like through our work. For others, it might be something we do in our spare time, as volunteers, for example.

It doesn’t matter. Life isn’t about the accumulation of things. It’s about using our gifts, skills and talents to help make this struggling world a better place.

Your Purpose and Weight Loss


When we’re not living in our purpose, it can make losing weight even more difficult. It’s stressful to not be doing what it is we want to. When we feel we know how we’re supposed to be contributing to society and aren’t, this can be a real challenge to our serenity. And a lack of serenity – for we who struggle with excess weight – can mean packing on the pounds.

I might suggest that the first step to finding out your purpose is to find out what type of person you are, and to what you might be suited doing. The Meyers-Briggs test helped me a lot in this area. If you need a contact who can help you assess your personality type, I can connect you with him.

What the Meyers-Briggs will do is classify you as to what type of person you are, and then suggest vocations/avocations that might suit you. You’ll then have some good information on how you can best get out there and make your mark on the world in a meaningful way.

Find Your Purpose


You may have other ideas about how to find your purpose in life. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. I’ve discovered that writing online weight loss courses and a book, for example, fits well in my vision as to how I can help the most people in the most efficient way.

What’s your purpose? How can you best help others?

Struggling with weight loss? I suggest that finding your purpose may help you move towards overcoming the excess pounds. If you need a coach, I can help. I do fitness and weight loss coaching here in Mississauga, Ontario, but I also have clients whom I’ve helped across Canada and internationally.

Feel free to call me/text me at 647-677-6025, or e-mail me at fitin20@yahoo.com . There is a solution!