Is Keto Right for You?

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Is Keto Right for You?



Keto is a fad, folks, that needs to be said, right up front.

Now, before all the Keto types out there get upset with me, please hear me: I eat a Ketogenic diet. 100%, all the time. So, this is NOT an article to bash Keto. 

But I do want to challenge everyone who is on a Ketogenic diet to be able to answer the question “Why?” Is it because it’s a fad? It sounds cool to say “Hey, I’m Keto?” Or perhaps it’s just the thing you’ve heard of, because everyone’s talking about it and doing it?

These aren’t good reasons to be eating Keto. There are good reasons, but these aren’t them.


Where Did Keto Come From?

Originally the Ketogenic diet came out of research that had discovered a way to lessen – even eliminate – epileptic seizures. The medical community began to notice that, when a person who suffered from epilepsy had been in a starved state for awhile, their seizures were minimal. In some cases, they even disappeared. 

This was interesting, but not very practical, since you can’t starve people. 

But what they discovered was that, when you restrict carbohydrate intake, you can produce the same effect. So, a diet of minimal carbs, moderate protein, and a significant portion of fat produced the same results, for the epileptic, as did starvation. What a discovery!

People also began to discover that, when eating Ketogenic, ultra low levels of bodyfat became attainable. Bodybuilders began to use Ketogenic protocols, for example.

Then, starting in the mid-2000s, a new awareness of the power of Keto to foster weight loss came to the fore. More and more people started doing it, and research started being done. Was this really a healthy option? Some of the research said yes, some said no. The body of evidence for both sides is still growing.


Why Keto?

I must admit that I was skeptical about Keto at first. I still am, for certain people. I will say this clearly right here: Keto is NOT for everyone. I don’t care if the research you’ve seen says it’s the healthiest way in the world to eat (especially when paired with Intermittent Fasting, that seems to be the hot trend right now). This may be so, although I say let’s wait 10 or 20 years to find out what cutting out fruit has done to us 😊.

Who is Keto good for? Food addicts who can’t seem to shed their cravings for carbohydrate, no matter how “clean” they try to eat. This is my experience. And it’s also terrible for another type of food addict who can tolerate certain carbs but will obsess over them if you take them away. 

I won’t get into the science behind the benefits of Keto, because I still think the jury is out on that one. All I can say is that it just works for some, and not for others. But, if you’re going to choose it as your eating plan, then please, be sure to have thought it out. Make sure you’ve done the research and have good reasons for choosing it.

Also, if you’re going to choose Keto, then please don’t use it as an excuse to eat junk. Bacon, hard cheeses, fatty steaks, butter all need to be consumed in moderation. There is research linking high levels of consumption of these things to heart disease, so be smart.

A whole food, “clean” Keto diet is best. Think monounsaturated fats like olive and avocado oils, avocados themselves, nuts, nut butters, etc. Cheeses, bacon, fatty meats etc. are not the best choice, even though they fit the definition of Keto. Be smart and be good to your body.


What is Keto, Anyhow?

The classic Keto diet is 5% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 75% fat (that’s a lot of olive oil and butter folks!). You’d better be ready to feel deprived, at least for awhile, on only 5%, even 10% or 15% carbs. It will happen. You’ll get past it, but tiredness, irritability, and withdrawal-like symptoms may well occur for awhile.

If you struggle with emotional eating, this may not be the best choice for you. If you’re a food addict, it may or may not be a good choice. I’d suggest you get some professional guidance before you choose to embrace this way of eating.


Who am I?

I can help you. I don’t write diet plans myself, but I can put you in touch with someone qualified to create a Keto diet for you. But a diet itself often isn’t enough to reach your weight loss goals. If you’ve struggled with losing weight most of your life and have had little in the way of results, I can help. I myself lost 95 lbs 17 years ago and have never gained it back. I offer a series of programs designed to help you shed your excess weight, and never gain it back. I find a solution that’s customized to you; I don’t believe in cookie cutters here!

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