Is Permanent Weight Loss REALLY Possible?

Is Permanent Weight Loss REALLY Possible?


If a personal trainer/nutrition coach is honest, he or she will tell you this truth: “I don’t have that much long-term success in helping people lose weight.”  Even the best of the best don’t have a lot of success (and, by the way, without bragging I do consider myself in that category).

The reasons are many and complex, but it comes down to this: people are either unwilling – or unable – to eat the right foods, in the right quantities, at the right times, FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.


Life Gets in the Way

Who has time?  Between job, kids, managing a household, trying to indulge in some leisure activities for ourselves, who wants to shop, chop, prepare, weigh, measure, cook etc. in advance.  I understand that it isn’t that easy.  Remember that I’m a part of the human race too, and am subject to all of these pressures myself (minus the kids, but I busy myself with plenty of other things instead!).

So how do we get around it?  Are there ways?  Yes, there are.  I’ve created a great publication called “The Blueprint for Springtime Weight Loss Success.”  In it there is a food plan, a recipe book, and a food preparation guide that shows you how to prepare one week’s worth of food in just 2 hours!  And yes, there’s a vegetarian option as well J.  Call me at 647-677-6025, or e-mail me at, and I’ll send it to you free of charge.


The Food Manufacturers Are Against Us

Food today is no longer “food” as our grandparents knew it.  It’s “hyper-palatable,” to coin a popular phrase.  Translation?  It tastes too freaking good!  It’s literally addictive, and it’s hard to say no to.  Our bodies come to rely on it for comfort, and when we deny ourselves, our brains start screaming at us for more!  How do we manage this?  How can we escape the pull?

There are ways.  My 10-week program teaches you what you need to know to find healthier options that comfort even better than food.  You can contact me any time to learn more, and I’d be happy to give you suggestions, free of charge.  But we can’t expect to give up this “hyper-palatable” stuff without replacing it with something at least as good.  It just won’t work.  I show you how to do that.


Our Bodies Fight Us

If you’ve been watching the news, by now you’ve no doubt seen the research done on the “Biggest Loser” contestants.  Most have gained their weight back.  Science is blaming it on a lowered metabolism and hormone shift: the result of constant dieting.  This no doubt plays a part, but that doesn’t explain it all.

The fact is we can eat A LOT of less calorie-dense foods and still keep within our daily caloric requirements, even if they’re reduced.  And we can do so without becoming hungry.  Yes, there are hormonal realities, like reduced leptin in chronic dieters that can induce hunger, but that too, with time and eating the right foods, can be overcome to a large extent.

The big problem, really, comes back to how addictive the food is.  Doritos, for example, contain Dextrose.  That’s corn sugar, folks, a super-sweet sugar that is highly addictive.  Why do they add corn sugar to a corn product?  For the effect: not just the taste, but for the effect.  The addictive effect.

Eat more lean protein, vegetables, root vegetables and healthy fats (come on, you know this!), and you’ll find that you don’t need to be hungry.  Learn to distinguish between craving, which is the body wanting more junk, and true hunger, which is the body saying that it needs nutrients.  Don’t feed it the junk, but instead go for the healthier stuff.


It’s Tough to Do Alone

The biggest struggle is trying to do all this without support.  Weight loss coaches like myself are here to offer you that support, in the form of coaching and motivation.  Some of us – like me – are trained for just these tasks.  You can rely on us to give you quality information that helps you get to your goals, and to help you through the rough spots.

Need help?  Feel free to give me a shout at, or at 647-677-6025.  I’d love to show you what I can do to help you lose your weight, and keep it off forever.


Final Thoughts

At the beginning I said that not many people keep their weight off permanently, and that trainers and weight loss coaches have little long term success.  I believe that that statement is merely DESCRIPTIVE, and not PRESCRIPTIVE.

Science looks at the data and concludes that very few will ever keep their weight off once losing it.  I think Science makes a mistake when they conclude this.  They’re looking at the data as if it predicts the future, when I don’t think it has to.  I think it describes the past, but it doesn’t have to describe how things will be.

How things will be is entirely up to you.  If you keep trying to lose weight the way that people have historically, the cards are stacked against you, that’s true.

But what if there was a way of eating that is both sustainable, and GUARANTEES permanent weight loss?  Would you be willing to try it?  There is a way.  If you’d like to know more, call me.  I will give you the secret FOR FREE, no strings attached.  This is not a gimmick: I can show you the data that proves it works.  I myself am living proof, having maintained a 95 lb fat loss for almost 13 years now.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!