Je suis mon pire ennemie

The title reads in English “I am my own worst enemy.” A friend of mine posted that after I had blogged one time on being hard on ourselves, and how counter-productive it is.

Today’s message is short, but to the point: if you’re having trouble losing weight AND are beating yourself up about it, then please CUT THAT OUT. It doesn’t help!

For some reason for years I thought that if I wasn’t pounding away at myself hard enough then I wasn’t “doing something” about the problem. That, I’ve discovered, isn’t the case.

“Doing something” about the problem has to do with knowledge, and application. I first need to learn what it is I need to do, and then second, I need to follow a path to doing it.

We fitness and weight loss coaches are here to help people who don’t know where to start. If you’ve been trying it on your own, and are not getting any results, then please, whatever you do, be gentle on yourself and stop beating yourself up.

Instead, consult a coach. I’ve heard it said that you should choose a coach who has played the game, and that makes sense to me. I coached little league football a few years ago, and I knew how to do it because I played the game when I was younger.

I was also once 85 lbs overweight, and had to walk my own journey to weight loss. I played that game too, and won.

So if you’re struggling, why not reach out for help? Coaches like me can help you get you to your goals, because we know some things that you might not.

In the meantime I’ll say it again: please be gentle on yourself. In my experience, those who beat themselves up tend to turn to food in order to self-soothe, and it just creates a vicious cycle that spirals downwards. Take it easy on you, because you’re worth it.