Let Go!!!

Let Go!!!

I’m struggling with something right now. Yup, even the coach struggles sometimes. That’s why I have teachers and mentors who I go to in order to discuss what’s going on with me. I spoke with one of them this morning.

My issue is all about change. Am I willing to let go of something that I perceive to be “good”, in order to get something better? It’s about faith and trust. Many in my situation have stepped out on faith and done just that, and I’ve seen it work for them. “But what if it doesn’t work for me?” I wonder?

Letting Go

I have an image in my mind. It’s a man, deathly afraid of heights, hanging on for dear life on to a branch that protrudes from the side of a cliff he’s fallen over. Luckily for him, he managed to grab on to the branch, shortly after he went over.

He’s too afraid to look down, and even if he could it’s dark out, and he can’t see anything. He’s being told by the people above him. “Let go of the branch,” they keep saying. “The ground is only 2 feet below you!” But he’s scared, and not sure if he can believe them.

“I fell in the same pit yesterday, and grabbed on to the same branch,” one of them tells him. “I was scared too, but luckily it was daylight and I could see the bottom.” The man, hanging on for his life, still isn’t reassured. “Honestly it’s right there, 2 feet below the soles of your shoes. Just let go!” shouts the man at the precipice of the cliff.

Will he or won’t he? It’s a matter of belief. Does he believe that the person is telling the truth, or not? He doesn’t know this person. Maybe the person doesn’t really know that the bottom’s there? Maybe he’s being malicious? How can he know for sure?

Faith vs. Belief

He can’t know for sure. He has to choose what he will believe, and based on that belief, he then needs to take action. In this case, he’ll either choose to continue to hold on, or let go. Either will eventually result in him falling to the bottom, because he can’t hold on forever. But because he’s scared, he might just choose to prolong the inevitable for as long as he can.

As the story plays out, he chooses to believe the man, lands softly on his feet, and is rescued when someone brings a rope with which he can climb out.

Now he has FAITH that the ground was, in fact, 2 feet below him, and were he to get in to the same jackpot again in the future, he’d know he could let go. He now has FAITH that he’d be ok.

This is where I’m at. I have to choose what I believe. Do I believe that the Universe has my best interests at heart? Does it want me to succeed? Does it want me to be the very best I can be?

If you asked me if I believed that for you, I’d have to say certainly. Of course it does. But for me? Well there my mind gets in the way. It starts to tell me stories. It tells me that things might not work out. It tells me that my case is different, that I can’t expect the same things for myself as I can for other people.

I need to believe that the Universe will do for me what I believe it will do for you.

Then I need to take action. Then the next thing to happen is that, after everything that needs to has come to pass, I can gain faith that the Universe has my best interests at heart. Intellectually I know it’s true, but I remain scared.

What Will Our Choice Be?

I’m betting that if you’re reading this blog, you might also be in a similar situation. You’ve not yet chosen to believe that stepping out in to the unknown is the best thing for you. You’re battling between “Should I?” or “Shouldn’t I?”

What’s your decision going to be? What will mine be?

I guess we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions:

1. Is the pain of staying the same less than the pain of change? And
2. What’s the worst that can happen if I make this decision, and things in fact don’t work out?

The answer to those two questions will determine whether or not I take action.

Will you ask yourself those questions, and answer them honestly? I’m going to.

Change is Necessary

I’ve blogged on change before, how people don’t like it, and the fact that it’s hard to do. Nothing could be more true with what I’m facing, and perhaps that’s the same for you. The “old thing” is comfortable, we know it, it’s predictable. Changing means a whole bunch of things that I might really not want to face.

But am I happy – really happy – with the way things are now?

If it turns out that an honest assessment means I have to say no, then what will I do? What will you do?

Change is necessary. It happens whether we like it or not. We can’t avoid it. Is what we’re contemplating a change for the better, or a change for the worse?

I think we both know the answer.

So, again, I ask both of us: what will we do? Let go, or keep hanging on?