Living a Life of Abundance

In my life I’ve had many friends approach me to get involved in various business opportunities. In every case where their goal was to become rich, they did not succeed. I’m glad I never joined them.

They would talk about “abundance,” and say things like “It’s not about having money for money’s sake, but money gives you the freedom to do what it is you really want.”

To that notion I say NONSENSE. Freedom has NOTHING to do with having lots of money or “stuff.” It’s an attitude: more specifically, an “Attitude of Gratitude.” But remember, gratitude is also more than just an attitude: it requires action. I must act grateful, and I must on a daily basis. Writing out a gratitude list often helps me here.

Most people don’t have a lot of money. That’s the way our economy is set up: it’s a capitalist society (it’s really “Interventionist”, actually – that’s capitalism with government involvement). In a capitalist society, there are “haves” and “have-nots,” and resources are (relatively) scarce. The highest bidder gets the goods, and most of the goods are held by a minority.

Now I’m not saying this is the way it should be: far from it. I grow tired of the greed I see displayed in our largest corporations, to be quite frank. But regardless, it’s the way things are. It has its good points, I’ll admit, but also with it comes the bad. Generally speaking, if I’m a “have,” it’s viewed as being “good,” yet if I’m a “have-not,” well, it’s seen as being less-desirable, and it can be a bit more challenging, Really, though, whether or not that’s true all depends on my attitude, as we’ll soon see in this short article.

Even for the “haves,” however, there is often a sense of emptiness that comes with having few or no meaningful attachments. We see this play out in many a mid-life crisis, as well as in the unfortunate suicides of the rich-and-famous that make up the headlines of our newspapers from time-to-time.

So what do I mean when I say we don’t need money or goods to experience abundance? A sense of a lack of abundance comes from a lack of gratitude for what I do have, and fear that I’m either not going to get what I need, or that I’m going to get something I really don’t want.

I was impressed when I came across the quote from Tony Robbins displayed with this article. It suggests that the goal of our lives is NOT to acquire wealth, rather it is to acquire GRATITUDE. The more I’m grateful for, the less it seems to me that I don’t have.

My happiest times have been when I have had the least amount of “stuff” in my life. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of material goods AND being grateful, but neither is there anything wrong with NOT having a lot of material goods and still being grateful.

I think sometimes those who speak about abundance tend to vilify the idea of being “not rich,” or worse, relatively “poor.” Some of the happiest people I have known didn’t have much, and yet even today they remain my teachers. Their examples teach me to focus on what’s important, and I think gratitude is perhaps one of the most important concepts around today.

I am not grateful enough, and that shows when fear begins to take over in my life, which it does too much. This is a reminder to me to practice gratitude, rather than the acquisition of “things.” If Tony Robbins is right, then I can experience complete and perfect abundance, right here, right now, just by changing my attitude.

Kinda cool, when you think about it.