Lose Weight & Tone Up!

It’s What We Do!

We trainers serve a specific purpose: we help people lose weight and get in shape.  There are strength coaches who work with athletes, fitness instructors who do group exercise classes, Zumba instructors who teach Zumba, you name it…there’s many different kinds.  But what we trainers do is actually quite specialized:

  • We help you to lose weight; and
  • We help you to exercise yourself into a fit lifestyle

The problem is, our success rates are terrible.  Or amazing, depending on how you look at it.

Will it Work?

Short term results?  Close to 100%!  Everyone loses weight quickly.  Amazing!  They sign up, are pumped, and their motivation carries them for awhile: often a loooooong while.  But then bumps in the road appear.  Family events, holidays, life getting busy, difficult times, all these things threaten to derail us.  Most don’t stick to their plans beyond 6 months.  Terrible!  But what can be done?

If I’m to lose weight and keep it off (our definition of success), I need to first understand what my problem is.  Historically we Trainers, along with Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionists and all the weight loss programs out there, have treated overweight and obesity as being a single problem.  It’s usually stated like this: “If you’re overweight, it’s because you eat too much of the wrong foods, and you don’t exercise enough.”

This is wholly and entirely wrong.  That might surprise you, but the evidence is in.  Google the work of anthropologist Herman Pontzer with the Hadza, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Africa, and you’ll see what I mean.  First, exercise contributes negligibly to weight loss.  Second, eating a lot of food isn’t the problem.  It’s the types of food and when they are consumed that are the problem.  And, sometimes, there are metabolic issues that need to be addressed either with medical treatment, or with natural supplementation.  We’re trained to help you with this as well.

It’s what you eat that counts.  But what should you eat?  That’s determined by what your problem is, and your problem might be one of 4 different problems, each solved by their own unique solution.

The Answers are Here

At Fit in 20, we have a diagnostic process we use to determine why it is you’re overweight.  Then we tell you what it is you need to do, based on your diagnosis, in order to lose it, and keep it off.  We know what we’re doing here, and we guarantee our results.  We are confident 100% that we can help you, and we back that up with a 90-day money-back guarantee.  If you do what we say, and don’t get a result, then we’ll be happy to give you your money back.

To-date, we’ve never had to, and we’ve been in business almost 13 years.  We will continue to work hard to keep it that way.

Get in Touch!

If you’d like to discuss your strength training goals with me, I’d be happy to offer you a one-hour, no-obligation consultation that costs you nothing.  You can reach out to me here [hyperlink to contact form please, Tinna], or alternately at mike@fitin20.ca.  Calls/texts always work as well: 647-677-6025.  If you call and I don’t answer, please do leave a voicemail with options re: times to call you back.  I can’t always answer my phone when I’m with a client.

Don’t forget to ask about our “90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!”  We guarantee you results, or you don’t pay.  It’s that simple!

90-day money-back guarantee

90-day money-back guarantee

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