MODA PILLAR #2: Belief in a Better Me

Belief in a Better Me

                                                Belief in a Better Me


Today is the second blog in a series on Tony Vassallo’s “9 Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss.”

Tony is the creator of MODA nutrition, offering weight loss support group meetings in the GTA.  We here at Fit in 20 like Tony’s program, because it offers our clients ongoing support beyond what our programs provide.  If you’d like to learn more, please look up, or contact Tony directly at 416-829-5728/

You can also buy his awesome cookbook “Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good.”  Tony is a certified Nutritionist and himself has lost 130 lbs and kept it off!  He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to delicious, healthy food and weight loss, so give his book a try!  You can purchase it here:

So, what does “Belief in a Better Me” mean, exactly?

A common theme amongst people who desire to lose weight is a lack of self-esteem.  I believe that this is not the result of being overweight, but rather that it contributes to it.  Oftentimes, the message these people received from their caregivers, during childhood, was one of “You’re not good enough the way you are.”

As they grew from childhood in to adolescence and beyond, they naturally started to seek out people who would reinforce these ideas.  They only knew what we had been taught about themselves, so it made sense that they surrounded themselves with those who would reinforce their beliefs.  It would have been uncomfortable for them to do otherwise, simply because it was all they knew.

Don’t believe me?  Give someone whom you think suffers from self-esteem a compliment, and see what they do with it.  It will most likely make them very uncomfortable, and – more often than not – they’ll try to shrug it off.  They may not even acknowledge it.

The healthy response to a compliment is a simple “Thank-you.”  We who have struggled with – or are struggling with – self-esteem do not like compliments at all.  Why not?

Because they challenge what we believe about ourselves.  We don’t like who we are.  We have trouble finding anything good to say about ourselves, and we mistrust those who compliment us because we think they’re lying.  Fact: chances are they’re not, and we should simply listen, take it in, and say “Thanks!”

What does this have to do with weight loss?  EVERYTHING!  We need to believe that we are worthy of good things in order to be able to consistently reach for them.  A huge problem I encounter is the belief that “When I lose my weight, I’ll finally feel good about myself.”  This thinking is wrong.

You need to find your value now, today, and believe in it.  You need to learn to love yourself now, whether or not you’re overweight.  If you don’t, those same negative feelings about yourself will follow you, whether or not you’re thin, or overweight.

Therefore you need to believe in a better you TODAY.  You need that belief to keep you going through the tougher days when you’re on your weight loss regimen.  If you don’t believe that you’re worth it, then when times get tough, you’ll cave and eat foods that will sabotage your efforts.

You are worth it.  Sometimes I have to repeat this to clients until they believe it.  You are worth it, and only when you realize this, will you be able to move forward towards successful permanent weight loss.

I’m a weight loss coach and personal trainer in Mississauga, and in the GTA.  I offer fitness coaching services that will help propel you towards your weight loss goals.  I also have a 10-week weight loss course that can be done in-person, on the phone, or via Skype.  I have recently begun to offer online training programs as well, for those who can’t make it to my gym.

If you think you could use some help in losing weight, I can help you.  Call me at 647-677-6025, or e-mail me at  Changing your attitudes is a huge factor in any successful weight loss program.  I can show you how to do it.

Give me a call, and let’s work together in helping you start to “Believe in a Better You!”