MODA PILLAR #3: Be Fearless

Be Fearless - Fitness trainer Mississauga


Be Fearless

Today is the third blog in a series on Tony Vassallo’s “9 Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss.”

Tony is the creator of MODA nutrition, offering weight loss support group meetings in the GTA.  We here at Fit in 20 like Tony’s program, because it offers our clients ongoing support beyond what our programs provide.  If you’d like to learn more, please look up, or contact Tony directly at 416-829-5728/

You can also buy his awesome cookbook “Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good.”  Tony is a certified Nutritionist and himself has lost 130 lbs and kept it off!  He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to delicious, healthy food and weight loss, so give his book a try!  You can purchase it here:

So, what does it mean to “Be Fearless?”

Let’s talk first about what it doesn’t mean.  It doesn’t mean that we’re not afraid at least sometimes.  When we make significant changes in our lives, fear is often inevitable.  The term “fear of change” is often bandied about in corporate setting, especially in today’s fast-paced technological environment.

When I faced the prospect of losing 95 lbs of bodyfat, I was scared.  I had never let my weight get so out of control before.  I had often gained and lost 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 50 lbs even once, but never 95.  How did I let it happen?  Worse, was I going to be able to reverse what I had done?

I was scared.  Scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Scared that it would be too confusing.  Scared that I wouldn’t have the willpower.  Scared of how long it would take: would I get disheartened in the process, and give up?

The choice I made, in the face of fear, was to give it a shot anyhow.  One day at a time, I decided to “Follow the plan exactly, for best results,” as my old weight loss coach used to say.  One day at a time, I decided to “Face Everything And Rise” (F.E.A.R.), and not “Forget Everything And Run.”

Through that experience, I learned how to be fearless in the face of fear.  I learned how to not let the fear of failure stop me from trying anyhow.  Because I “Believed in a Better Me” (Moda Pillar #2), I could “Be Fearless” – I knew that I truly had the strength to persevere.

Warriors, both modern and ancient, know what fear is, but they plod ahead in to battle anyhow, as if their fear wasn’t there.  Fear is good.  It informs our actions, and makes us careful and wise in the choices we make.  But in the game of weight loss, we must choose to not succumb to it: when it tells us “You can’t do it,” we stare back at it and assert “YES I CAN…and I WILL!”  That’s what fearlessness means: “Face the fear and do it anyway.”

I’m a weight loss coach, and a life coach in Mississauga, Ontario.  I service clients in the GTA and beyond, doing both face-to-face and distance coaching (phone, Skype, Facebook Video Messenger, etc.).  I also offer personal training services in Mississauga and the GTA, and online training courses as well.  A lot of what I do is working with people to overcome fear.  Moving from fear to fearlessness, even in the face of fear, is key in any successful weight loss program.

Are you scared?  Scared – like I once was – that you won’t succeed?  Scared of what life will be like after your body has changed in size and shape?  Scared of the process?  Scared that it will be difficult?  These are all normal reactions to the prospect of losing weight permanently, but they shouldn’t stop you.

If you’re having trouble overcoming your fear, then maybe you need a coach to help.  That’s what I do.  I walk with you every step of the way, giving you the tools you need to succeed.  At least consider giving me a call to discuss how I can help you along on your journey: 647-677-6025, or  The consultation is free, and it may change your life!

You’ve got nothing to lose, except for the weight.