Where Winners Lose & Losers Win™: PERMANENT Weight Loss Made Simple

warmupIt’s finally here. THE course you’ve been waiting for: the one that gives you  THE SECRET TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS .

After working with almost 300 people personally over the past 12 years, I’ve learned A LOT about what works, and what doesn’t work. I myself was 95 lbs overweight in 2001. By May of 2003 I had lost only 10 lbs, and so I turned to a coach: someone who could teach me about weight loss. I’m glad I did.

In just 6 months I shed 85 lbs of body fat. I then realized that there was a lot more to MAINTAINING WEIGHT LOSS than just a food plan and exercise. You may know this from personal experience, having tried both and not achieved permanent results. I realized that the food plan and exercise only addressed the PHYSICAL part of me, and yet there were 3 other parts to me that needed nurture and care. My MENTAL makeup, my EMOTIONAL makeup and my SPIRITUAL makeup were in need of attention too. But nobody was teaching me what to do.

So I combined my education (B.Comm., 1991; M.Div., 2000, CPTN-CPT, Pn1 Cand.), my experience (I’m 48 years old and an ordained Spiritualist minister), and what I learned personally from struggling with weight loss. Out of that, I built this program, AND ITS A PROGRAM THAT WORKS .

It teaches the same sorts of things that the very best experts in the field teach. I know because I’ve learned from them. My course is highly practical, but it’s based on Science, experience, and results.

If it doesn’t work for you AND you can honestly say you followed it exactly, then I’ll happily refund your money after 90 days, no questions asked. Give it a try: you’ve got nothing to lose, except the weight! 

90 Days
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