So, What’s the Right Tool for the Job?

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The Right Tool for the Job

So, What’s the Right Tool for the Job?

It Depends on What the Job is!

Last week I posted a picture of several tools that could be used for removing nails from a staircase.  I asked people to comment on which tool they thought was the right one for the job.  The responses tended to fall into 3 categories:

1. Some respondents chose their favourite tool that they thought would    work best, or suggested their own,

2. Others responded that the right tool(s) for the particular job in question need not be limited to just one; and

3. Still others believed that the tools ought to be set aside, and a  professional be called who has the right tools, knowledge and experience to do the job right.

I think any one of these options is viable, depending on the job you want to complete, and your personal knowledge/experience/skill level vis-à-vis doing the work.  The questions that we each have to ask ourselves, prior to starting any new project, is this: “Do I know what I’m doing?  Do I have the right skills and toolkit to get it done?  And, if not, should I maybe hire someone to either help, or to do it for me?”

Ever tried to shed fat?  How successful have you been?  How many times have you tried?  Is it maybe because you don’t have the right tools in your toolbox, and the right knowledge pertaining to how to use these tools?

I mean, in my garage I might have all the tools an auto mechanic has, but if I don’t know the first thing about fixing cars, then having the tools isn’t enough.  Knowledge and experience come into play here.  Do you have the knowledge and experience to lose the weight you want to, and to keep it off?  There’s both science and art behind any successful fat-shedding program.  Is this something you’re good at?  Or, perhaps, might it be better left to the experts?

The “Job” of Fat Loss

Embarking on a fat loss journey can seem like a full-time job.  And there are so many ways to do it, so many options!  Do I have the knowledge and skills to do it on my own?  In my own journey I had to eventually say that no, I didn’t.  I had been trying, on-and-off, all my life, by going on simple diets, and exercising almost addictively.  That would work for a time, but I yo-yo dieted my way up to a miserable 255 lbs, when I should have been around 160.  Not good!

By 2003, I had to admit defeat, that I in fact did not know what I was doing as far as weight loss was concerned.  In fact, between 2001 and 2003 I only managed to shed 10 lbs, getting down to a svelt (NOT!) 245 lbs.

It was at this point that I had to begin acquiring some expertise to help me out.  I read books and articles and did, in fact, learn a lot.  I followed something called the “Zone Diet” for awhile, but really I never managed to effectively lose any more weight.  It turns out I still had more to learn and needed more tools in my toolkit.

When I finally acquired them – beginning by (ugh!) paying someone to help me – I began to succeed.  I would eventually lose another 85 lbs of bodyfat and have managed to keep it off now into my 17th year!  I credit this to 3 things:

  1. Knowledge– I had gained a proper understanding of my overweight  problem, and therefore was able to apply the correct solution,

  2. Tools– along the way I learned the tools I needed to not only lose the weight, but to maintain the loss.  These tools are, in their nature, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical; and

  3. Application– I have had to consistently apply the tools to my problem of overweight in order to ensure that I remain at a healthy weight

One Size Does Not Fit All

This leads me to my conclusion: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of obesity and/or overweight.  From Vegan to Paleo diets, from Keto to Weight Watchers, any will work, if they are the correct tool for a particular person and problem.  So, your favourite tool might just work, if it fits your unique set of needs!  Or you may require an entire toolkit, choosing the right tool at the right time to stay on track.  Yes, this means you may have to let go of your preconceived “favourite tool(s).”

If none of this works, you may have to hire someone who has the right knowledge and experience.  Such a person can set you on a path to a lifetime of weight loss success, by showing you what to do.  Furthermore, they can give you the tools you need, and help you to use them when you find yourself struggling.  Such a person is more than just a “Personal Trainer.”  They are a Coach, and they are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through a customized program of fitness and healthy eating.

If you’d rather not try and figure it out on your own, we can help.  At Fit in 20, we know how to get you to where you want to be.  First, we diagnose your overweight/obesity problem.  We figure out exactly what your blocks to weight loss are.  Then we give you a toolkit designed to get you past them.  But, more than that, we walk alongside you to help you apply the tools to your situation.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation consultation, please contact us at 647-677-6025 (by phone or text), or at  Alternately, you can fill out our Contact Form here:  Don’t forget to ask about our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!  You’ve got nothing to lose, except the weight!