The “Fit in 20” Philosophy: “Less is More”

warmupIn 2009 I watched Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, prepare for a powerlifting competition. I used to work with him, so I was able to follow his training regimen closely. His workouts lasted no longer than 20-30 minutes, he never did any cardio, and he never trained more than 3 to 4 times per week.
In a short time I watched his strength and muscularity skyrocket, while his bodyfat % dropped rapidly. By the time he was in the competition, he was shredded AND strong. That was when I learned that there was something to keeping workouts short.

About that time, Men’s Health magazine came out with a book on 15 minute exercises, citing the benefits of training less for better results. Couple that with the rise in interest in HIIT (“High Intensity Interval Training”), and the fact my clients were asking for shorter workouts, and an idea was born.
I created a circuit-training format using primarily bodyweight exercises that worked the entire body out in 19 minutes or less! From that I developed the name for my company, “Fit in 20,” simply because, in 20 minutes or less, I learned that you can do amazing things for your fitness level.

The benefit of these high intensity circuits is that you can target multiple energy systems in the body because you’re doing different kinds of training at the same time. By using bodyweight resistance, you build muscle (guys!) and strengthen bones (ladies!). But by doing each exercise for a minute and not resting in between exercises, after you’ve stacked 5 in a row, you’ve elevated your heart rate significantly and have started to tap your cardiovascular energy systems.
In short, you can accomplish a lot more this way.

Of course, this type of training wouldn’t be adequate for a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, but for the average person who wants to lose weight, tone up and just get in shape, it’s FANTASTIC.
The cool thing is, too, that it takes less time, and costs significantly less than hour-long sessions, BUT YOU CAN GET THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK DONE in a much shorter time!

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